Thanks and congratulations to all Sawfish developers

I just wanted to extend my thanks to all of the hardworking Sawfish
developers, and to also congratulate you on the amazingly good job
you've done.

Due to a lack of time to update something as critical as a window
manager (VERY scary if it breaks!), I've been running Sawfish 1.3 for
what seems like forever.  This evening I finally found some time and
took the plunge.  I had a bit of trouble getting librep-0.17.2 to
compile (thanks for posting the cure, Timo), but everything went as
smooth as silk.  I didn't even have to log out; I simply did a restart
from the menu and poof, it all worked.

I don't know if you guys realize how rare it is for an upgrade from
such an old version to go so smoothly.  My hat is off to you!  (And I
promise I won't let myself get so outdated again.)
    Geoff Kuenning   geoff cs hmc edu

Software, like bridges, should be elegant and visually pleasing as
well as functional.  Ugly constructs, designs, and languages should be
avoided like the plague.

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