Re: Thanks and congratulations to all Sawfish developers

> I just wanted to extend my thanks to all of the hardworking Sawfish
> developers, and to also congratulate you on the amazingly good job
> you've done.
> Due to a lack of time to update something as critical as a window
> manager (VERY scary if it breaks!), I've been running Sawfish 1.3 for
> what seems like forever.  This evening I finally found some time and
> took the plunge.  I had a bit of trouble getting librep-0.17.2 to
> compile (thanks for posting the cure, Timo), but everything went as
> smooth as silk.  I didn't even have to log out; I simply did a restart
> from the menu and poof, it all worked.
> I don't know if you guys realize how rare it is for an upgrade from
> such an old version to go so smoothly.  My hat is off to you!  (And I
> promise I won't let myself get so outdated again.)
> --
>     Geoff Kuenning   geoff cs hmc edu
> Software, like bridges, should be elegant and visually pleasing as
> well as functional.  Ugly constructs, designs, and languages should be
> avoided like the plague.


I was in the same situation, have been using 1.3 forever, but since I
couldn't find a working tray application for that version I recently
upgraded to the most recent librep, rep-gtk, sawfish combo and it all
worked (despite my fears!).


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