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The attached file might help for a less painful clipboard experience. ;-)  Save it in your $HOME.

Xterm-s that you start from now will paste the system (GTK?) clipboard contents when you press SHIFT-INS (or middle click).  So, to paste from Firefox into a terminal, just select in FF, hit CTRL-C then middle click or SHIFT-INS in the xterm.  This takes a bit of learning if you're used to the old behavior (which didn't require CTRL-C) but I found it more reliable.

To paste from XTerm into another application, simply select the text in the terminal using your mouse.  In the other app do CTRL-V (or paste from the edit menu etc).

Emacs has its own clipboard (accessible with M-w (copy), C-w (cut), C-y (paste)).  I wouldn't sacrifice it because it's quite powerful, so I added two more keybindings that deal with the system's clipboard:

(define-key global-map [(meta W)]          'clipboard-kill-ring-save)
(define-key global-map [(control Y)]       'clipboard-yank)

(note the capital W and Y).  Now when I press M-S-w it copies the selection to the system clipboard (so you get it with CTRL-V in other apps).  C-S-y will paste system clipboard into Emacs.

Hope this helps.


On Mon, Jan 12, 2009 at 4:36 AM, Rodrigo Amestica <ramestica nrao edu> wrote:
I desktop is gnome. I always have problems with the clipboard. When I select in emacs or in xterm I cannot copy the selection into thunderbird or similar applications.

Today I noticed that there is a script names selection-push.jl and I thought that perhaps this would be the consolidated solution for the clipboard. But the script does not even load properly because sawfish.wm.util.selection does not seem to be there any more (sawfish 1.3.4).

Is there any advise on which direction I should look for a proper clipboard management? Having a working clipboard is so essential for a painless day that I cannot understand why is that it does not work for me just out of the box.


Mihai Bazon,

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