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Am Sonntag, den 11.01.2009, 21:36 -0500 schrieb Rodrigo Amestica:
I desktop is gnome. I always have problems with the clipboard. When I select in 
emacs or in xterm I cannot copy the selection into thunderbird or similar 

Today I noticed that there is a script names selection-push.jl and I thought 
that perhaps this would be the consolidated solution for the clipboard. But the 
script does not even load properly because sawfish.wm.util.selection does not 
seem to be there any more (sawfish 1.3.4).

Is there any advise on which direction I should look for a proper clipboard 
management? Having a working clipboard is so essential for a painless day that I 
cannot understand why is that it does not work for me just out of the box.


Normally you select text from the console and press the middle mouse-button to insert it. This is done by X.Org (or XFree86),
and there's context menu -> copy (then context menu -> paste) this is the GTK+ clipboard. So it's either a GTK+ or


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