Re: What keysym is for scroll-wheel-up and scroll-wheel-down in bindings?

zanghar freenet de (2009-02-20 at 1054.34 +0100):
> I just wanted to try to bind cycle-windows to "scroll-wheel-up" and
> cycle-windows-backwards to "scroll-wheel-down", but I can't find the
> correct binding for that (Tried Button4-Off/Click, same for Button5). 

I just tested Button4-Off & Button5-Off, they work. Are you sure the
system is seeing those mouse events? Try xev, for example.

Extra info for the record, the wheel <-> 4 & 5 association is done at
some level in drivers (X, kernel...). Why do I mention it? Because I
expent too much time trying to config a mouse that had 5 physical
buttons (wacom mouse for their tablets, to be exact), as the wheel
emits real wheel events and the driver then remaps it to 4 & 5 (other
mouses create a new axis per wheel, instead). wacom (linuxwacom) and
moused (from dragonflybsd) man pages have some extra info about the

To sum up: check other levels of the stack. ;]


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