Re: Turning snap-window-position-to-edges into a policy

sand blarg net (2009-02-17 at 2038.53 -0800):
> I have a hack in my personal .sawfishrc to replace the existing
> snap-window-position-to-edges function.  This makes my screen
> boundaries hard by default---dragging a window won't move it past the
> end of the screen no matter how far the pointer displaces.  (In the
> rare situations where I do want to go over the edge, I can turn off
> all edge effects.)

So it is not snap window to monitor edges, but lock window into
monitor? It could be interesting if you can get that, and edges can
also work as window snap points (keep moving the cursor and the window
moves after the limit, or magnetism or whatever mode is configured as
per move-snap-mode). But please, no changes to defaults. :]

And now that this popup, I think at some point we have to do something
to handle split monitor layouts (internal edges on xinerama and
xrandr), windows, workarea (_NET_WM_STRUT_PARTIAL) and desktop edges
(and whatever else I forgot). For moving, resizing, etc.


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