Color in message

Hi. Christopher Bratusek wrote:

> > > we could do a cat README.IMPORTANT at the end of
> > > configure, or place a good visible (differently colored) message that
> > > users should read that file. ... All we got to do
> > > is to make sure users actually know about that changes.
> > 
> > Coloring is good. Output of the configure is a good place, because
> > that's package maintainers watch. Then they'll take care for what's
> > related to their distros.
> ... But we need a color that's visible on both light and dark terminals.
> Red? Blue?

Good notice. How about words get printed as default, and colored bold
stars * for emphasis? Red, yellow, blue in row is a bit screaming, but
it must attracts the attention :)

Teika kazura

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