Re: [NEWS] Sawfish has tabbing support (finally

teika lavabit com (2009-02-06 at 1715.07 +0900):
> It's clear that tab is still in its cradle. (Sorry, I have not yet
> tried tab, but it's still obvious.) It will go under changes, and it
> is more than likely that they are incompatible. 

It is a port of the old system.

> I'd emphasize the importance of the document. It'd be a bad behavior
> to make it as a pretext to indicate tab as 'experimental' (and saying,
> 'don't worry, it's an RC anyway!'), a pretext to neglect the doc
> preparation. Once been idle, the idleness sticks.

I have seen RC and other terms abused (as new features appearing in
next RC, not just bug fixes, etc). People in the end seem to be paying
less and less attention to terms, and that makes worse for those that
try to stick to "the label says X, it means X". See the big noise
created around KDE 4.0 that was intended as developers release and
instead got lots of critics for being unfinished (errrm... what is not
a developers release if not that...).

> If tips are available, it's charming. I liked Rodrigo Amestica's
> suggestion on term's names.
> # To be more precise, 'experimental: designs may be changed in future
> # release' is the appropriate warning.
> Techno fans are eager to try new things. They know well and are full
> of ideas, so releasing an experimental feature can be a good
> act. We'd better devise a way to listen to their voice.

It sounds like a nice proposal. A similar reason is what has pushed me
to ask about what people want from tabs (and I already think I found
one global issue with current method, if it gets "raise on hover" it
is going to be nasty).


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