Re: [NEWS] Sawfish has tabbing support (finally

Christopher> New default keybindings coming from tabs:

Christopher> ***** window-keymap *****

Christopher> W-ISO_Left_Tab -> Raise Left Tab H-ISO_Left_Tab -> Raise
Christopher> Right Tab

Christopher> ***** title-keymap *****

Christopher> Button2-Off -> Add To Group

Will these override my existing bindings to the same keys?  I sure hope not.

W == Super

(custom-set-keymap (quote global-keymap) (quote (keymap (cycle-windows
. "W-TAB") (cycle-windows-backwards . "Super-ISO_Left_Tab")
(popup-root-menu . "Menu") ((activate-workspace 1) . "W-F1")
((activate-workspace 2) . "W-F2") ((activate-workspace 3) . "W-F3")
((activate-workspace 4) . "W-F4"))))

(custom-set-keymap (quote title-keymap) (quote (keymap
(move-window-interactively . "Button1-Move") (maximize-window-toggle
. "Button2-Off") (raise-lower-window . "Button3-Off"))))

these can't be so uncommon ...

sorry to say, I care nothing about tabs.

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