Re: [NEWS] Sawfish has tabbing support (finally

Hi. I forgot to write several things.

Layman, not dedicated, fan, which is the majority for most softwares,
of sawfish expects things work out-of-box. If they don't like it at
the first try, then they're likely to remain so in future.

# I remember I began to use tab browser (ff 1) 2 or 3 years after from
# the first time I heard of and tried opera. Opera at that time didn't
# intrigue me at all.

Even after improvements, they don't pay much attention. It will reduce
sawfish's appeal to the public audience.
"Tried sawfish's tab? - Yeah, but not so good. - Uh-huh."
Negative opinions on blogs stick for years!!

So it should come with enough utilities which enable (easily!) most of
what users desire to come true and hints for how to do it.

I wrote:
> It'd be a bad behavior to make it as a pretext to indicate tab as
> 'experimental' ... a pretext to neglect the doc preparation.
Also a pretext not to refine the specification of the tab.

I'm inclined towards calling the tab in sawfish-1.5.0 'experimental'
Anyway, the next release should be numbered 1.5.0, not as 1.3.6,
because of libtool & others updates, as Chris says.

Teika kazura

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