[NEWS] Sawfish has tabbing support (finally

Hi all,

another status update:

Sawfish does now ship tabbing support! (took some time to change the
format of the files ... define-structure/export/open/define (x y)
instead of defun x (y), marking strings for translation, but now it's

New default keybindings coming from tabs:

***** window-keymap *****

W-ISO_Left_Tab -> Raise Left Tab
H-ISO_Left_Tab -> Raise Right Tab

***** title-keymap *****

Button2-Off -> Add To Group

... There's now a new file: KEYBINDINGS here you'll get more info on
what W H or ISO_Left_Tab is and a list of all default keybindings.

(the spec and ebuild have been updated, to ship README.IMPORTANT and

Have Fun!

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