Tab spec (was: Re: Tabs)

Hi, dear developers,

I guess that it is better to allow windows to 'chameleon' more or
less, depending being tabified or standing alone. 

Window matching (It should be renamed as 'window policy' or so.) is
that needs extension. New matching policy should be logically
errorless, should provide GUI, and must be easy to understand, or at
least not confusing. It requires a well considered design to enable
such behavior, so is a bit challenging. 

But not so extremely demanding for tab part. It can be set
by hook, so if the procedure and concepts of timing are clear enough,
there surely is the room for it. The rest to be done is the window
matching portion.

But only experience of some time use of tab can tell what exactly is
desired. So tab should be published first, keeping such points in

Teika kazura

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