mxflat is cool, (was: Re: Future Plans .....)

Daniel Fetchinson said:     (by the date of Wed, 30 Dec 2009 01:56:16 +0100)

> > looks like everyone is using mxflat ;)
> Yeah, isn't it the best theme ever?

We could start posting our screenshots of how our mxflat looks :) Cos it can
be configured to look in so many different ways. 

> > Would be great if we had tabbed-mxflat theme.....
> Cool, but call it tabbed-mxflat or whatever and leave mxflat as is please!

Sometimes I am thinking about making a 'fake' mxflat.

That is: create pixmaps from screenshot of my mxflat theme, and use
them in some other tabbed theme. But I know there will be some
problems with the 'extra' shade button.

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