Re: Future Plans .....

> Hi folks
> here's a small subset of my future plans for Sawfish:
> in [] the name of the people I would like to ask for help/contribution
> on that topic
> Librep/Rep-GTK: R-Wrap
> Port g-wrap to librep and recreated rep-gtk from scratch with the new
> mechanism.
> [Alexey, Jürgen]
> Sawfish:
> Compositor
> Improve system for handling keys/keyboards
> [Timo, Janek, Teika, Jeremy]
> Recreate default themes with nicer, more visually appealing graphics,
> say same theme, but more modern style.
> Update Translations.

I'm not sure if mxflat is a default theme or not, but since this is
the theme I use and like it as is, I'd like to ask for keeping it
intact. In my opinion no change to it is necessary, and especially no
change for the sake of changing.

> [Community]
> See also what is proposed in `Proposed Goals'
> Next Release: 3.0.0
> Skipping 1.7.0 and releasing 3.0.0 in Dec '10, so we have 12 months
> time for the changes we need/want to do. And I guess we'll need them.
> 1.6x will be supported 6 months with bugfixes and & co, just like
> 1.3.5x and 1.5x have been.

I'd be more happy with more incremental changes and correspondingly
more frequent releases. This allows for more testing and more robust
major releases.

> Any thoughts?

I think a mechanism should be found for testing releases before they
are actually released. Very simple compilation related problems
frequently have been arising lately and having buildbots or something
similar would improve the situation quite a bit. I'm not sure if has facilities for this but I seem to remember they had a
server farm or some such. Having the buildbots to configure, compile
and install on multiple linux distros would be a major improvement.


Psss, psss, put it down! -

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