Future Plans .....

Hi folks

here's a small subset of my future plans for Sawfish:

in [] the name of the people I would like to ask for help/contribution
on that topic

Librep/Rep-GTK: R-Wrap

Port g-wrap to librep and recreated rep-gtk from scratch with the new

[Alexey, Jürgen]


Improve system for handling keys/keyboards

[Timo, Janek, Teika, Jeremy]

Recreate default themes with nicer, more visually appealing graphics,
say same theme, but more modern style.
Update Translations.


See also what is proposed in `Proposed Goals'

Next Release: 3.0.0

Skipping 1.7.0 and releasing 3.0.0 in Dec '10, so we have 12 months
time for the changes we need/want to do. And I guess we'll need them.
1.6x will be supported 6 months with bugfixes and & co, just like
1.3.5x and 1.5x have been.


Any thoughts?

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