Re: Problems after installing sawfish 1.6.0

Gerhard Kirchmann <gerhardkmn yahoo de> writes:

> The movement of the windows is as you described above. With the
> movement around (i.e.: clicking on different viewports of the other
> workspace) they don't keep the original order in which they were as
> you can see when clicking the expected viewport in the original
> workspace.

Hmm.. The re-organizing of windows is apparently due to having
viewport-boundary-mode to wrap-around -- if set to dynamic they never
change position relative to each other, they drift around as a group.  I
think it's the same problem, though.

> It's the same problem with gnome-pager.
Hmm..  Given my extreme ignorance wrt X and gnome, can someone either
help out with this or give me some pointers on how gnome-pager is
getting its data?  Is gnome-pager getting its window-position info
directly from X, or is it getting it from the wm somehow?  Sawfish pager
gets its data by running lisp code to get position data, and I can
change that to have it send correct position information.

The problem is that the position of windows outside of the current
workspace isn't adjusted when the vp is shifted, so their position
always remains the same with respect to the current viewport.  I can
either go back to having viewport.jl shift the position of windows
outside of the current workspace when shifting vp (which will be tricky
to make work with dynamic viewports) or I can adjust the data that's
sent to the pager.

So I'll look around to see if I can figure out where gnome-pager gets
its data, but pointers would be appreciated....

> I give the display option to emacs not to emacsclient. Over Christmas
> I changed my system to openSUSE 11.2 i.e. gnome 2.28 and there it
> functions without the display option.
> With openSUSE 11.1 and the previous version of gnome it functioned only
> with the display option.

Honestly, this doesn't really sound like something that sawfish could
have caused.  You're running the emacs daemon yourself via a terminal,
right?  And you're not using screen or anything like that where you
might have a shell that was started outside of X?  So the shell that
starts the emacs daemon has the DISPLAY set?

You may be interested, btw, in checking out emacs.jl in the scripts
collection on the sawfish wiki.  That's what I use to start the emacs
daemon and run emacsclient, via sawfish bindings.

Jeremy Hankins <nowan nowan org>

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