Re: Problems after installing sawfish 1.6.0

Gerhard Kirchmann <gerhardkmn yahoo de> writes:

> Second, having installed sawfish 1.6.0 there were problems with
> sawfish's own pager as well as with the pager of the gnome-panel.
> I used to work with four workspaces divided into two by two
> viewports. If you have more than one workspace and you click on a
> viewport of another workspace, windows get randomly moved around in
> the workspace you left by the click on the pager.

So viewport-boundary-mode is set to either stop or wrap-around, and
(when using sawfish-pager) pager-show-all-workspaces is t?

I did turn up a bug by turning pager-show-all-workspaces to t -- the
pager seems to get confused about the locations of windows in other
workspaces.  They appear to move to match any shift of viewport in the
current workspace.  So if I move to the viewport below mine, the windows
in other workspaces shift one viewport down as well.  All windows seem
to move together, so their arrangement relative to each other never

Is this what you're seeing, or something different?  And if so, the
problem is the same with gnome-pager?

This problem seems to be due to changes I made for dynamic viewports.
Windows in other workspaces are no longer being shifted along with
windows in the current workspace when the viewport is shifted.  I'll
have to look into how the pager is generating its information.  And
gnome-pager is showing the same problem?  (I don't have gnome, so can't
test it.)

> Fourth, there are some problems with emacs. With emacs 23.1 you can use
> a daemon. Since sawfish 1.6.0 i've to give the --display option
> explicitly, otherwise the daemon complains about the display although
> the $DISPLAY environment variable contains the correct value. This
> wasn't the case with sawfish 1.5.3 and previous versions. But this
> took me some time to find it out.

Are you giving the display option to emacs, or to emacsclient?  I use
the daemon as well, but haven't had any problems.  Are you sure that the
emacs daemon process itself has a properly set DISPLAY?

> Fifth, there is another problem with emacs, but this problem is not
> anew. Starting a new emacsclient window thatwindow protrudes into the
> next viewport at the bottom. Consequently i have to move it upwards.
> This is a bit annoying.

I haven't seen this either, and I can't think what might be causing it.

Jeremy Hankins <nowan nowan org>

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