Keymap for grow, pack, shrink & yank

Hi. Does anyone like this idea? It's a keymap for gpsy = grow, pack,
shrink and yank.

It's like this: you enter gpsy mode. If you press 'g' key, following
operations are grow. Press 'up', and the window grows upward.
Now press 'p', and now it packs. Press left... To exit, press escape.

Focus move by cursor in tandem must help. In focus move mode, press
'up' and the focus moves to an upper lying window. (Are there already
such function in Sawfish?  I can't find it.) So that you can adjust
the size and the position of many windows in a single row of

For shrink, some people may revert the cursor meaning, so 'up' affects
the upper edge.

I don't use gpsy myself, so it's a mere suggestion.

Teika (Teika kazura)

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