Re: Script for creating Application Menu

Ah yes, while you're at it, make sure it works in module format, you

(define-structure sawfish.wm.ext.fdo-menu 

(export mk-saw-menu)

(open rep
      rep.system) ;more?

(define-structure-alias fdo sawfish.wm.ext.fdo-menu)

(unless batch-mode 



then in sawfish.wm.menus:


(open ...


(defvar apps-menu *) ; replace this by the following block
(unless batch-mode   
  (require 'saw-menu)
  (defvar apps-menu saw-apps-menu))

ah yes, sawfish.wm.gnome.menus will then be removed
less GNOME-Specific code, instead let everyone benefit :)

I'm pretty sure it won't out-of-the-box. You can use
sawfish.wm.ext.beos-window-menu & co as reference.

Thanks a lot for your efforts,

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