Re: Script for creating Application Menu

Christopher Roy Bratusek wrote:

 - added support for Name[LC]= [with fallback to Name=], the desired
   language can be set in your .sawfishrc, using the desired string code
   without the '[' and ']', with (setq my-lang-string "xx")

Not sure about the alphabatizing, as string-lessp with sort doesn't seem
to work a new testing method would have be to written for it, otherwise, it
would be possible to just capatilize each of the entries, though some
applications prefer to have thier lower-case letters...



- added README for my-lang-string
- dropped two TODO items

Well do you think you can manage to write that new function? Otherwise
capitalizing the first letters is, o.k., as it's much more intelligent
to have AMule at the beginning of the list, than having aMule at the
end. This is the last thing to be done before merging into sawfish, the
others (Comment= as Tooltip or displaying Icons in my are not on my
agenda yet, as they require work on the menu itself and there's more
important stuff to do, eg broken translations in interactive-mode and


Sawfish rules!

Yes, that is something I can do, I'll work on it this evening after work. Was doing some testing on the Language support this morning and found it doesn't work with language codes that are more than 2 in length, such as zh_CN and the like, so will try to fix that this evening as well :)


Matthew Love

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