Transparency with non-rectangular border


I have been playing with xcompmgr and transparency as described in

- the xcompmgr effects work for me, but transparency (both
Native-focus-transparency.jl and Window-alpha.jl) have a slight

	With my border style (blue-steel), which already
has transparent parts of the window decoration, those parts
are now drawn as semi-transparent black (with the same alpha
as the black pixels in the window itself). The only exception
is when I set the opacity to 1.0 - then the transparent parts
of the window decoration are drawn correctly.

	The problem is not urgent for me, because after trying
to use a semi-transparent unfocused windows for a while I have
decided that I don't want this feature - I often read from the
different window than I type to. Xcompmgr effects (and its
"backing store") are nice enough to keep them.


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