Re: fails on RHEL 5.2

Hi Chris,

your question made think what are the actual options that aclocal would accept (I do not actually know what aclocal is meant for). One of them is -I.

As I explainded before I'm installing modules from source always using --prefix=~my-user-name/local, therefore, rep.m4 ended up installed in ~my-user-name/local/share/aclocal. Now, setting ACLOCAL_FLAGS accordingly before running in the sawfish directory then all ended up compiling and installing without errors.

It is obviously not very much expected to set prefix the way I'm doing it. But well, this is the way that best suites me to use sawfish in this box.

many thanks for the hint,

Christopher Bratusek wrote:
Where is your rep.m4 installed? It does contain the AM_PATH_REP macro.

Normally it is installed in /usr/share/aclocal


GNOME/Sawfish rule!

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