Re: sawfish versioning scheme

Hi. GSR wrote on Sun, 23 Nov 2008 20:37:07 +0100:

> What has changed since the versioning was settled? 

Let me withdraw it. I am sorry. I said it without much thought,
and I was abrupt. To pretext, I felt driven by the deadline.

But let me point out issues which perhaps led me to raise the topic:

1. clumsy patch testing
For one thing, I don't know what is expected in testing. In particular,
there's a room for improvements of reviews. Have read code? 
Tested in which circumstance? Which points are examined?
The patched part of code is really executed?
A good checklist will help. Or, the simplest one - 
"I've been using it, and it's been running" - is OK; it supports 
the evidence of the minimal requirement - stability. 
(I will raise a separate thread on this issue. If you have items 
to add, please reply there.)

If many people report, it partially resolves this problem:
workload concentrates on particular persons. (I know, I know, it's 
a ubiquitous problem.) 
For example, Janek had to write a short 
description for each patch as a news item. It does not seem easy,
because you have to understand them. 

2. currently the community does not seem to care much 
about the outside world.
We have to be more responsible when we make a release. A release is
not only for the community, but also for the whole wold. At least, 
noticed facts after release should be gathered in, say, 'News' page
in wikia. (I will undertake this job from now on, and I will
announce it when I retire. Well, allow me for delays. ;) 

Because it was not so, I had to read through the mail archive when
I submitted sawfish-1.3.4 for Gentoo Linux. A Gentoo developer required
reports on problems involved in sawfish-1.3.4. He/she was reasonable.
So I put the list on wiki, and Chris completed it. (Thanks.)

3. not using wiki well, letting discussions in the ML flow away
Everyone knows it. I will care for it, too. (But let me ask questions
when necessary. My understanding on sawfish, lisp, etc, is not so good.)

Thank you for reading.

Teika kazura

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