patch testing howto

Hi, folks.

As I wrote in another post, I ask you to share your knowledge on
patch testing. I've made a wiki page:
Please expand the list below, by answering in the email or 
by editing the wiki, whichever way you prefer.

Let me say here what I know:
== Maintainer's viewpoint ==
* Have read code? 
* Tested in which circumstance? OS, linux distro, etc.
* Which points are examined?
* The patched part of code is really executed?

== Tester's tips ==
* How to apply the patch elegantly. (For lisp patches, I, Teika, make a backup
copy of lisp dir, and make two dirs, 'trunk' and 'test' as non-root.
Make a symlink from the original to 'sawfish' in my private dir, and 
another symlink 'sawfish' chooses 'trunk' or 'test'.)
* things like this often help:
(format standard-error "last-command: \"%s\"\n" last-command)
writing such elementary stuff may help to acquire new testers.

Thanks in advance.

Teika kazura

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