Re: sawfish development tools

Scott Scriven <sawfish-list toykeeper net> writes:
> Looking at the mailing list today, I saw people mentioning things 
> like "patches in the wiki" or patches floating around in 
> bugzilla.  I'm guessing this is because sawfish uses svn, and 
> it's a centralized revision system.

And it uses the Gnome svn repository, where most of the current
Sawfish developers don't have write access.

> Is there any change of moving sawfish to a distributed revision 
> control system?

I am using git-svn, but I worry that if everybody used git-svn clone
independently, they might get non-identical conversions from svn to
git and would not be able to share patches directly.  I don't know how
easy or hard it is to avoid divergence in the conversion.  If it is
difficult, an official get-svn clone would be useful: then anyone
could just fetch it with regular git and only the maintainer of the
official clone would need to use git-svn.

> It would probably help with all the patch 
> management, and make it easier for people to contribute.

A problem with the wiki is that there is sort of a reasonable patch
size.  Very small things like typos don't get fixed, because they are
not worth the hassle to set up a wiki page, and very big things don't
get fixed because the changes would be too big for a single patch.

	Timo Korvola		<URL:>

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