Re: sawfish development tools

* Timo Korvola <Timo Korvola iki fi> wrote:
> If all goes well you can now use "git-svn fetch" to update from 
> svn and "git-fetch timo" to update from my repo.  You can 
> compute diffs, e.g., "git-diff trunk timo/icon-refresh".  It 
> should also be possible to do merges and other work with Git 
> and push changes back to svn using "git-svn dcommit" but I have 
> never tried that: I have only used Git to track projects where 
> I don't have write access to svn.

I haven't tried this with git, but in bzr this works:

  $ bzr branch http://host/svn/repo
  $ cd repo
  $ vim foo
  $ bzr commit -m "edited foo"
  $ bzr push

The only user-visible difference from a regular branch is that a 
"rebase" command is required if svn changed while the bzr user 
was making changes.  And, well, the version graph is 
conspicuously linear.

> it has to be said that gitk (the graphical history browser) 
> rules.

True, that.  Gitk is so awesome that I've been trying to copy 
some of its features into 'bzr vis'.  :)
A screenshot so far:

For reference, here's gitk:

-- Scott

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