Re: Warp-Pointer on newly opened windows

GSR - FR <famrom infernal-iceberg com> writes:
> That is the one I was refering to, as I have been using the code for
> some time already. :]

I just made a bit simpler version and am now trying it out:
  (define-focus-mode 'enter-click
    (lambda (w action . args)
      (case action
        ((pointer-in warp-if-necessary)
         (apply (focus-mode-ref 'enter-only) w action args))
        ((focus-in focus-out add-window before-mode-change after-mode-change)
         (apply (focus-mode-ref 'click) w action args)))))

> The one that does not exist yet is enter-exit + click. ;]

Shouldn't be too hard to write.

	Timo Korvola		<URL:>

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