Re: Warp-Pointer on newly opened windows

Timo Korvola iki fi (2008-06-17 at 1052.27 +0300):
> Daniel Pfeiffer <occitan t-online de> writes:
> > Actually this should be the default with focus follows mouse, because
> > the new window will have the focus, while the mouse may be in another
> > window. 
> That depends on your settings: "Focus on application windows when they
> first appear" in the group Focus.  Many users dislike new windows
> automatically getting focus, also known as focus stealing.

I keep on hearing about "focus stealing prevention" in other window
managers, any idea how that works? Well, the principle behind it,
because too many times what I hear is that it does not work (no idea
if the principle is wrong, or the code is buggy... that is what I am
getting every time I search, instead of something explaining it in
general terms, "so you can implement it in your wm").

About clicking (it was in original Daniel's post), I think next
release should include the new mode enter + click (also enter-exit +
click if anybody interested writes it).


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