Re: Warp-Pointer on newly opened windows

la 14.06.2008 21:16 Christopher Bratusek skribis:
I'm using the warp-pointer fuction:

; Warp the pointer to newly un-iconfied windows

( setq warp-to-window-enabled t )
( setq warp-to-window-offset '(50 . 50) )

by default that only works for uniconfied windows, but I found the
following code on, that makes warp-pointer work when cycling
through windows:

; Warp the pointer also when cycling through windows

( require 'sawfish.wm.commands.x-cycle )

       ((old-raise-window* raise-window*))
     (define (raise-window* win)
       (warp-cursor-to-window win)
       (old-raise-window* win)))

So, does anybody have an Idea, how to enable the warp-pointer function
for newly opened windows, too?
Actually this should be the default with focus follows mouse, because the new window will have the focus, while the mouse may be in another window. Even clicking in that other window doesn't give it the focus unless you move out and in. For the least confusing, and a bug really...

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