Warp-Pointer on newly opened windows

Hi there,

I'm using the warp-pointer fuction:

; Warp the pointer to newly un-iconfied windows

( setq warp-to-window-enabled t )
( setq warp-to-window-offset '(50 . 50) )

by default that only works for uniconfied windows, but I found the
following code on merlin.org, that makes warp-pointer work when cycling
through windows:

; Warp the pointer also when cycling through windows

( require 'sawfish.wm.commands.x-cycle )

       ((old-raise-window* raise-window*))
     (define (raise-window* win)
       (warp-cursor-to-window win)
       (old-raise-window* win)))

So, does anybody have an Idea, how to enable the warp-pointer function
for newly opened windows, too?


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