Re: Window crosshair for task-switching?

* Rafal Kolanski <rafalk cse unsw edu au> wrote:
> Recently, when switching from Eterm to gnome-terminal (UTF-8  
> requirements), I noticed ...

If you liked Eterm but need UTF8, you might want to try 

The config is a little inconvenient (uses .Xresources), but it's 
otherwise very nice.  It can even display multiple fonts (both 
bitmapped and truetype) at the same time, so you can get plain 
ascii characters from one font and higher unicode characters from 

As a nice bonus, urxvt has a daemon mode, so multiple terminals 
can run as a single process.  Try "urxvtcd".  It greatly reduces 
memory use.  At the moment, I have 67 urxvt windows open, with 
translucent backgrounds, and it's using 11.4 MiB RAM.  That's 
only 174 KiB per window.  A single instance of Gnome-terminal 
with a black background takes 26.6 MiB on the same system.

-- Scott

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