Re: Window crosshair for task-switching?

On Thu, Jun 12, 2008 at 5:58 AM, Rafal Kolanski <rafalk cse unsw edu au> wrote:


> Essentially, when I run multiple gnome-terminals borderless I can't really
> tell them apart during alt-tabbing. So what I would like is some kind of
> "crosshair" (or artificial border) that, during window cycling, would be
> painted above the current window.

Are all the windows undecorated/borderless or this is only for the
terminal emulators?
Anyway, I suppose it should not be extremely difficult to add a hook
to the focus function (but I don't recall if such a hook exists ^__^)
to temporarily decorate the terminals when switching focus.

Using "warp-to-window-enabled" should not be an option in this case as
the mouse pointer, IIRC, is not moved until the window is focused (but
I could be wrong)...


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