Re: lightweight desktop: components?

* Kristian Rink <kawazu zimmer428 net> wrote:
> sawfish as a lightweight and visually enjoyable wm ...
> What other components along with sawfish do you use out there?

> - desktop panel / tasklist / system tray,

None.  However, I have some other vaguely similar widgets...

  - sawfish-pager: provides a small overview of my desktops
  - conky: shows realtime system info (similar to gkrellm)

> - desktop background setting / configuration app,

Custom background chooser, uses "Esetroot" to actually set the 
background.  It basically picks a random image from my collection 
each time I log in.

Config app?  None.  If I get sick of my current image, I just run 
"bkgd" until it picks one I'm in the mood for.

> - app for providing desktop icons (if any),


> - visual file manager?


Your mileage may vary.  I don't particularly like the mouse, and 
most of my time is spent in xterms, gvim, xchat, and web 
browsers.  So, all this gnomey stuff is irrelevant to me.

At least it keeps things uncluttered.  :)

-- Scott

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