Re: Opera, sawfish and xinerama window disappears on open new tab

"Josie Imlay" <jimlay gmail com> writes:
>  I have 2 xtraces of it happening that are around 1mb and
>  an xtrace of exiting opera normally as a control. I can't find a
>  meaningful difference between them.

It is probably difficult to make a meaningful comparison like that.
You can trim those xtraces by grepping only events related to the
missing window, apparently 0x1000002 in the error case.

>  The window is disappearing from the managed-windows list in the
>  sawfish client but remaining in the xwininfo -root -tree -all output.

It appears that the window has been unmapped.  You can check that with
xwininfo -id ... and the window properties with xprop --id ...  Since
the window is no longer is managed-windows, it must have been
withdrawn by the client.  There might be a race condition if the
client tries to map the window again immediately.

In what order do the following requests (by Sawfish) and events on the
missing window occur?
- Real UnmapNotify event
- Synthetic UnmapNotify event generated by SendEvent
- DeleteProperty WM_STATE request
- Next MapRequest event after either of the UnmapNotify events
- MapWindow request
- UnmapWindow request, if any.

My guess would be:
Real UnmapNotify
DeleteProperty WM_STATE
Generated UnmapNotify

Am I correct?

	Timo Korvola		<URL:>

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