Re: wheeling to shade on (titlebar) window border

On Sun Feb 17  0:30 -0600, Mike Hokenson wrote:
> On Saturday, February 16, 2008 at 11:20PM, Josie Imlay wrote:
>> (bind-keys border-keymap "Button4-Click" 'toggle-window-shaded)
>> Now scrolling on my 1px black border toggles shade.
>> Is that what you mean?
> This doesn't make a difference for me, although now I can shade a window by 
> using the Blackbox-ish handle at the bottom of the window in the FinalStep 
> theme. ;)

That bit of code does work for the window borders, except for the
titlebar... I'd suspect that Sawfish doesn't consider the window border
to include the title bar, though I have nothing else to back that up

Levi Ramsey
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