Opera, sawfish and xinerama window disappears on open new tab

I've trapped the error by xtracing sawfish but I can't find where it
 is happening. I have 2 xtraces of it happening that are around 1mb and
 an xtrace of exiting opera normally as a control. I can't find a
 meaningful difference between them.

 xtracing opera seems to fix the problem.

 The window is disappearing from the managed-windows list in the
 sawfish client but remaining in the xwininfo -root -tree -all output.

 user> (mapcar window-name (managed-windows ))
 ("/home/j/files/bin/xsysmon" "<j albert>:  /home/j" "pager"
 "<j albert>:  /home/j" "<j triton>:  /home/j" "<j albert>:  /home/j"
 "<j albert>:  /home/j" "reddit.com: what's new online! - Opera")
 user> (mapcar window-name (managed-windows ))
 ("/home/j/files/bin/xsysmon" "<j albert>:  /home/j" "pager"
 "<j albert>:  /home/j" "<j triton>:  /home/j" "<j albert>:  /home/j"
 "<j albert>:  /home/j")

 The two attachments are xwininfo -root -all -tree from when opera is
 running is ok and when it's crashed.

 I can send the xtraces to anyone individually or post them on a file
 server if someone wants to recommend one. I don't really have a good
 pub_html right now.


 On Sat, Feb 16, 2008 at 9:19 AM, Timo Korvola <Timo Korvola iki fi> wrote:
 > "Josie Imlay" <jimlay gmail com> writes:
 >  > My thought is to find a way to monitor any communication between
 >  > sawfish and opera to try and figure out exactly what the problem is.
 >  Monitoring is possible with xtrace, but the problem is extracting the
 >  relevant communication.  It is also possible that piping the Opera
 >  display connection through xtrace will eliminate the error as piping
 >  through ssh did.  Alternatively you can try xtracing Sawfish.
 >  A good starting point might be to try to analyse the erroneous state
 >  once it occurs.  Has the disappeared window been destroyed or merely
 >  unmapped?  Does it still have the WM_STATE property?  Is it in the
 >  managed-windows list of Sawfish?  For these purposes xwininfo, xprop
 >  and sawfish-client are useful.  You might also try to attach logging
 >  functions to various Sawfish hooks.
 >  --
 >         Timo Korvola            <URL:http://www.iki.fi/tkorvola>

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