Re: Organizing sawfish SVN tree, working together.

* Daniel M German <dmg uvic ca> wrote:
> > In fact, the thing that concerns me most - is to provide a 
> > comfortable environment(*) for Scott to work on tabs in 
> > sawfish.

Heh, considering how little I (still) know about sawfish's code 
base, I really hope you're not waiting for me.  My bottleneck 
isn't a lack of development environment...  it's a combination of 
project overload and ignorance about sawfish.

> Why don't we use a branch for this and other experimental 
> features?  The advantages of branches is that merging can 
> happen in either direction.

Subversion makes branching reasonably cheap and easy, but it's 
horrible at merging.  This is one of the main reasons I'd like to 
switch to bzr or git.

-- Scott

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