update .po files and pot and "special char" problem



we just removed the themer from trunk, but our translations still ship it's
strings, to remove them, we would run

cd po
./make-pot generate
for i in $(ls *.po); do ./update.sh $(echo $i | sed -e 's/\..*//g'); done
sed -e '/#~/d' -i *.po
cd ..
vim ChangeLog
svn commit

Ok to do so?


There's a problem with "special chars" in sawfish-ui. for example german "umlaute"
(this are ä ö and ü). At the place, there one of them *would be* printed, the string
is truncated, screenshot:


The first string is just

"Namen und Icons der Fenster  beim Bl"

but it must be

"Namen und Icons der Fenster beim Blättern anzeigen"

Any Idea?


GNOME/Sawfish rule!

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