Re: Dual-head with one head rotated?

omen+sawfish mandarb com (2008-08-01 at 1024.48 -0700):
> Quoting Daniel German <dmg uvic ca> on Wed, Jul 23 18:36:
> >
> > (define (window-avoided-p w)
> [ snip ]
> > create a sawfish function that moves a window to the area you need
> > (using move-resize-window-to) and set its attributes to sticky, avoid
> > and ignore using window-put. That should be enough.
> Thanks for the idea, but that seems like a huge kludge.  It seems to me

Agreed, specially because there are settings that allow treating
avoided windows specially, but in your case it would be useless (eg
maximize-avoid-avoided, you may want one thing with real avoided
windows, but this extra window should still be always avoided... it is
not a normal window, but useless zone).

> that sawfish should be able to figure that out by itself.  Another
> problem with the avoided window is that it will not keep the mouse from
> traveling into the dead space.

How do you get the pointer to travel out of screen?

> Am I the only person trying to run sawfish with mis-matched screens?

Maybe, or at least subscribed. My conclusion is that XRandR creates a
new situations that we should investigate and then adapt code to it;
so if you do not mind, could you help us figure at least one of those
(multiple non overlapping and non matching screens, which could cover
also L arrangements of 3 screens, etc)?

The other two I can think of are multiple screens with matching edges
and different screens with overlapping areas (this one always makes me
think how per monitor things will work, like colour correction, as the
window appears twice). Any other case or better classification of the
possible situations?


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