Re: Sawfish + Screenlets doesn't work

"Andrea Vettorello" <andrea vettorello gmail com> writes:
> I can't find in the EWMH specs how should be managed a window with
> _NET_WM_WINDOW_TYPE_TOOLBAR property enabled,

I think that is intentional.  The point of the _NET_WM_WINDOW_TYPE
hint is not to specify how windows should be decorated.  The hint
specifies the role of the window and the wm can use this information
as it pleases.  Read the rationale in the wm-spec.

> is stated that a toolbar should be decorated by the toolkit not the
> window manager.

The message was rather vague, although GTK and Qt do decorate torn off
toolbars.  Unfortunately the wm-spec does not specify that toolbars
would have to have client-provided support for management functions
such as moving.  In practice GTK and Qt toolbars do, and docking only
works if you drag the toolkit-provided handle or titlebar rather than
the wm-provided titlebar.

> Right now I can't recall other applications that use toolbars so I
> don't know if it breaks something else.

For GTK and Qt it might be an improvement, because users would then
not be confused by toolbars failing to dock if you move them by
dragging the wm titlebar.  I do not recall other toolkits with
tearable toolbars.  Nevertheless, I'd be wary with this because the
EWMH spec is so vague.

Also, the screenlets may be broken if they erroneously portray
themselves as toolbars.  It is possible that you are doing the right
thing for the wrong reason.

	Timo Korvola		<URL:>

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