Re: Sawfish/Gnome/Xinerama dropping windows

--- era eriksson <era+gmane iki fi> wrote:

> Scott Anderson <ee_in_co <at>> writes:
> > I read a previous post a month or so back about Xinerama problems.  My
> > setup is similar in that I currently have a dual-head with mismatched screen
> > resolutions.  Left screen is 1600x1200, right screen is 1280x1024.  I'm in the
> > process of getting a card that can dual 1600x1200 on both screens.  It will be
> > interesting if my problem goes away.
> indicates that same
> size on both screens probably doesn't really matter.

I have now updated my graphics card so now I have 1600x1200 on both screens.  I have seen the
problem again, but only once.  Matlab was the program I was running, and 'close all' would cause
problems...  I haven't run Matlab in a while, which may explain why the problem has not shown up
as much.

> Could it be that Sawfish is simply mapping the windows to weird coordinates so
> that they are not on the current viewport?  In that case, you could probably
> move them with a bit of sawfish-client hacking.
> Let's say the missing window is the Gnome Panel:
> vnix$ sawfish-client
> sawfish 1.3, Copyright (C) 1999-2000 John Harper
> sawfish comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY; for details see the file COPYING
> Enter `,help' to list commands.
> user> ;; try to find a regex which matches exactly only the missing window
> user> (get-window-by-name-re "gnome panel")
> user> ;; nothing
> user> (get-window-by-name-re "panel")
> user> ;; still nothing
> user> (get-window-by-name-re "Panel")
> #<window 1200031>
> user> ;; gotcha!  let's store a handle to this one
> user> (setq panel (get-window-by-name-re "Panel"))
> #<window 1200031>
> user> (window-position panel)
> (0 . 0)
> user> ;; we speculate you'd see something really weird here
> user> ,describe move-window-to
> Native Function: move-window-to
> move-window-to WINDOW X Y
> Move the top-left corner of window object WINDOW to (X, Y).
> user> (move-window-to panel 0 0)
> user> ^D
> vnix$
> Does this help at all?

I'll certainly follow these steps next time the problem happens.  Gnome-panel is one of the
programs that disappears frequently.


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