Re: Using _NET_WM properties for window names

Luis Rodrigo Gallardo Cruz <rodrigo nul-unu com> writes:
> My basic reasoning was something along the lines of: These programs
> are probably setting the title in some charset and sawfish is reading
> it in some other.

The encoding of a text property is indicated by its type, so there is
usually no confusion.  But as the property is converted into the
locale Sawfish is using, characters may be lost.

It seems that xterm does not accept UTF-8 in the control sequence that
sets the window title, even if xterm is running in a UTF-8 locale.
Konsole does.

> BTW, how can I take a look at the raw bytes in a window's properties?
> That'd help me diagnose things.

Something like "xprop -f WM_NAME 8c" perhaps?  You can also use
(get-x-property w 'WM_NAME) in sawfish-client.

	Timo Korvola		<URL:>

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