Re: Using _NET_WM properties for window names

On Thu, Nov 01, 2007 at 11:01:06PM +0200, Timo Korvola wrote:
> Luis Rodrigo Gallardo Cruz <rodrigo nul-unu com> writes:
> > Actually, xterm is precisely the app I can't get to work right, but
> > maybe is the interaction with everything else. If I get bash to set
> > the title to the current dir and enter a dir with non-ascii utf8 chars
> > in its name it seems to be sending the raw utf8 bytes but not saying
> > it's utf8.
> Is the xterm itself running in a UTF-8 locale?

Yes. My prompt works OK. If I run it with -u8 or with LC_ALL=C the
prompt breaks but the title doesn't break further.
> > That's part of what sent me into patch-writing-mode. Unfortunately,
> > tough the patch solved some other problems, it didn't solve this one.
> Actually, most of the problems that the patch tries to solve can be
> solved by running Sawfish in a UTF-8 locale.  It won't read
> _NET_WM_NAME or _NET_WM_ICON_NAME but it will handle anything
> representable as COMPOUND_TEXT, which appears to be a lot.

I see.

The other reasons I started with this were that my firefox's title bar
showed ? instead of » for a page I use often and Debian bug #439311,
about window titles with chinese chars not showing in the window list

My basic reasoning was something along the lines of: These programs
are probably setting the title in some charset and sawfish is reading
it in some other.

BTW, how can I take a look at the raw bytes in a window's properties?
That'd help me diagnose things.

> > Mmm. Maybe I'll just try again to make my own svn clone. It's just
> > that last time I tried I hadn't learned to use git yet.
> If you manage to create a clone with identical commits to mine (I
> think I just used git-svn clone -s), we might be able to exchange
> patches by pulling, although that is apparently more difficult with
> git-svn than with pure Git repositories (the git-svn man page
> recommends mailing patches instead).

I think I'll just keep on mailing :)

Rodrigo Gallardo
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