Re: Is there anything comparable out-there?

* Paul LeoNerd Evans <leonerd leonerd org uk> wrote:
> Was there some feature in particular you were looking for, some
> bug fixing, something changed?

There's only one thing I can think of...  I'd love to see good
support for tabbed windowing in sawfish, similar to fluxbox or
pwm.  I've done some tab stuff for it, but what I'm using has
some issues...

  - no drag/drop window grouping
  - only 1-2 compatible themes, since sawfish normally has no
    concept of tabs
  - stick/send-to-desktop/shade/etc don't apply to all windows in
    a group; only one
  - tabs cannot be rearranged without un/re-grouping
  - grouping info is lost during WM restart
  - move/resize is slow

But at least I've got the basics working.

-- Scott

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