Re: [newbie] window groups?

Ian> Why would that be?  Audacious is uglier, at least with the only
Ian> theme I can stand (Nuance).  And I don't need any darn feechures,
Ian> all I want is to play local mp3 and ogg files.

Andrea> Well, some months ago i was wondering why BMP was so buggy on
Andrea> Debian (here i could crash it reliably with drag&drop), i wasn't
Andrea> aware that upstream stopped working on it on 2005 and at that
Andrea> time i didn't know about Audacious. I was resigned to go back to
Andrea> XMMS...

Drag & drop?  If I cared about that I wouldn't use sawfish :)
In fact you give me ideas: now I'll have to rebuild BMP without DnD support.
I promise to give Audacious another look, though.

Your recipe for lining up the windows worked, thanks.

Now can anyone explain the "groups" to me?

Experience with Asset Control an asset.

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