Re: [newbie] window groups?

Andrea> First of all, i suggest you to switch to Audacious if you are
Andrea> still using BMP classic:
Andrea> (=

Why would that be?  Audacious is uglier, at least with the only theme I
can stand (Nuance).  And I don't need any darn feechures, all I want is
to play local mp3 and ogg files.

Andrea> If i'm not wrong, BMP remembers screen position as default, i'm
Andrea> sure Audacious does it, so create a match for it and set "Place
Andrea> mode" to "none".

I see, I missed the fact that there was a "None" option - I thought it
was the same as leaving that control unchecked, but now I understand
that probably applies sawfish default policy.  I'll try that soon and

Experience with Asset Control an asset.

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