Re: [newbie] window groups?

Ian Zimmerman <itz madbat mine nu> writes:
> Can you explain the concept of window groups in sawfish from the user
> (not Lisp programmer) perspective?

Window groups are not particular to Sawfish or lisp.  They are defined
by the ICCCM.  It is up to the clients to arrange their windows into
meaningful groups and up to the wm to find some use for this
grouping.  In practice it tends to be one group per client.

In the case of Sawfish there are some commands that manipulate window
groups, such as send-group-to-{next,previous}-workspace,
[un]iconify-group.  It is also possible to configure the entire group
to be raised when one of its member windows is raised.

I haven't found window groups very useful, but YMMV.

> And unlike XMMS, BMP doesn't seem to have an option to remember its
> position, so even if I manually drag the pieces where I want them,
> next time it's all wrong again.

Sounds like a case for window-history.  This feature is not
loaded by default, so you need to (require 'widnow-history) in
~/.sawfish/rc.  It adds a history submenu to the window menu, allowing
you to save the window geometry and attributes.  Alternatively, you
could use window matching.

> so I have no idea what the precise pixel positions I want are

Try xwininfo.

	Timo Korvola		<URL:>

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