Re: version numbers - preparing for 1.3.1 release


Janek Kozicki <janek_listy <at>> writes:
> Hello,
> Today the university was moving servers and changing some configuration
> and I didn't have internet for whole day. Sorry about that.
> Thank you for your opinion GSR-FR about version numbers. If nobody
> else opposes, we will use the numbering that you propose, because you
> have provided the best reasoning in your arguments. 
I thought those version numbers sounded the best, too.

> Please help me to collect a TODO for this release. Here's what comes
> off the top of my head:

That To Do looks good for the initial revision to get it out there and hopefully
spur some interest in new development.  I'm looking forward to seeing some of
the changes and I'm hoping to find some time to help out.

Thanks for picking up the ball on this, I appreciate it.  And kudos to John for
writing a great app that's still in use (and very much appreciated) after all
this time.


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