Please vote on version numbers!


I think, that the best way to agree on the version numbers of
incoming releases is by voting. Especially because we do not seem to
be in full agreement here. Whichever number wins voting - it will be

We have to vote for three categories:

#1 - sawfish release from current SVN

#2 - sawfish release with patches included: from various linux
distributions regarding the build system, and other small bugs.

#3 - sawfish with some new stuff in the release. Hard to say what what it
will be now: improved documentation, tab support in default themes,
or a small external (and experimental) module for XCompiz (see Robert's 
posts: and ).

As GSR said, there was a release of sawfish2 around year 2002, so we
better avoid this number to avoid confusion.

Please reply here with your votes. You can vote for several numbers in
each category. A number of points for each vote will be added, and
which gets most points - wins. I picked prime numbers for point
counts: uh, I'm not good ot probability sciences, but I guess that it
lowers the chance of having a tie.

Voting chart:

#1 : current SVN
#2 : with patches
#3 : with something new inside

 # |  5 points  |  3 points  |  2 points  |  1 point   |
 1 |            |            |            |            |
 2 |            |            |            |            |
 3 |            |            |            |            |

Janek Kozicki                                                         |

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