Re: version numbers - preparing for 1.3.1 release


Today the university was moving servers and changing some configuration
and I didn't have internet for whole day. Sorry about that.

Thank you for your opinion GSR-FR about version numbers. If nobody
else opposes, we will use the numbering that you propose, because you
have provided the best reasoning in your arguments. 

Quick summary is:

1.3.1 - current SVN

1.3.2 - next release with only small patches from various sources
        included (build system, small bugs)

1.5 (skip 1.4, due to -mmc fork) - next release with some improvements
        like adding tab support to existing themes, cleaning, perhaps
        merging something from -mmc (depending on your opinions)

1.6, 1.7, .... - other new stuff

3.0 - if we manage to have something really cool, like OpenGL

Now I'm waiting for a response from to give me access to
SVN. I have already access to (1)mailing list, (2),
and (3) Only SVN is left and waiting. it
may take as long as two weeks according to their webpage:

Nevertheless we can start working on 1.3.1, current SVN release.

Please help me to collect a TODO for this release. Here's what comes
off the top of my head:

1. update information about sawfish website and John's resignation
   in README and AUTHORS. I think that we can add to AUTHORS every
   person that will make useful commits into the trunk during the
   incoming years, as I don't want to take the credit for myself: I simply
   don't deserve it.

2. Adding documentation from Derek Upham
   ( ) into the release.

3. Making our new website good enough for browsing, with some contant
   organized inside. I didn't check yet how much you have done
   today (just got internet back), but Andrea and Sven were working
   like crazy on the website yesterday, big kudos to them!

4. please tell me if I have missed anything else?

In fact I could make a release without access to SVN. I will commit
the released version as soon as I will have access, and nonetheless I
can upload a tarball with release to and announce the
release on How do you think?

update: I just got a response from to confirm my personal
details. Looks like I'll have this access quite soon. :-)

Janek Kozicki                                                         |

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